Recently watched "Hunger Games" and needing a moment of saving the day like Katniss Everdeen? Well now is your chance! At just $5 per person we offer games that are similar to paintball, capture the flag, dueling and even last man standing! Come and grab a Bow & Arrow and take out the enemy!


Need a cool down? Jump into our pool and relax, climb our wall or play basketball! Its the best way to cool down in the summer heat after wild activities, hiking or even eating! This activity is free to all campers while you visit! It is open from 10am - 7pm daily while you are here.


Board meeting rough this month? School got you you going crazy? Why not take it out on others and color them up in this fun and safe game of Paintball Wrist Rocket! "If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a paintball!" Test your skills and your quick draw to take your friends out! For only $10 per person take your chances at coloring your friends up!


Need a great time with your group? Why not jump into this adrenelin rushing shooting range! We have a variety of .22 Rifles and Shotguns! For only $20 per person, why not join the fun? Range Masters will be there to guide you, give instructions, and ensure safety while, at the same time, you are having fun!


One of everyone's highlights is taking an adrenelin rushing ride through the entire 432 acres of Timber and hills! For only $5 and as many rides as you can sneek onto, take a ride that gives you the full view of the entire property!


Join us in knife and tomahawk throwing! Test your skills and your arm as you try and hit the targets! What better way to spend $5 then at the throwing range!  


Need an outdoors moment? Come and go fishing at our catch and release pond for free! And yes, that catfish is in our pond! We have several big catfish but this 25lb fish will give you a run for your time!

Other activities include


Bike Riding
Ping Pong
Four Square
All this is free to each and every camper!